common ground groups

The community of the CWC is much more than our gatherings on Sunday mornings. That's why we have Common Ground Groups - it’s about people who openly share their lives with one another doing things we like to do. We all need a place where we can read scripture, pray for one another, ask questions, share stories, and invest in one another and do things we all love to do - together.

If you would like to organize and start a Common Ground Group, email

Listed below are our current Common Ground Groups and contact information.

  • Man up Men's group

    If you are a man and you like doing man things, this group is for you.  From quarterly breakfast events to monthly lunch gatherings to GoKarts to hunting - this is the group for you to be in.

    Contact for more info

  • Chosen Women

    If you are a woman and would like to build relationship and community with other women, then contact

    From movies, to tea parties to cruises - these women know how to live it up!......for Jesus of course!

  • co-ed softball

    If you'd like to be involved next season, contact:

    Chaz Sosebee  (706) 878-0828